COVID-19 Work Strikes

Workers are organizing across the US, and we must support and join them. Here you can find the location and details of COVID-19 worker strikes and places with rising worker unrest.

Dual Power Map

Black Socialists of America’s map shows Dual Power Projects across the United States that are utilizing all of the tools of the solidarity economy movement to develop an economic base that is able to produce new forms of self-governance, political institutions, and more.

Housing Justice Actions

This map collects information from places where housing protection legislation during the COVID-19 crisis has passed or is underway and where housing justice actions are occurring or have occurred.

Get all of the organizations and groups that we belong to – where we live, work, study, play and pray – to take action on the 1st of every month. It is only by empowering and organizing ourselves that we can confront and strike back against the systemic madness revealed by the COVID-19 pandemic.  We are not limited in what we can do and what impact we can have. There are a range of things that we can do based on present conditions and actions many have taken thus far in response to how the capitalists, corporations and politicians have treated and exploited the COVID-19 pandemic.

No Work

Walk out, sick out, sit down, slow down, work to rule (follow all the rules to the letter; safe work or no work), wildcats occupations. Hold a meeting of your co-workers. Hold a moment of silence. Stop work however we can. Wear RED to show solidarity.

Strike in Place

Encourage the hundreds of millions of people who are working from home or are unemployed, in prison or in a detention center to engage in “No Working, No Shopping, No Compliance” actions. Encourage those who can communicate their support for the day of action on social media or in their local media to do so by sharing their photos, their stories (video or audio), and what demands they support, utilizing the common hashtags we will collectively designate. 

No Shopping

Don’t shop, in person or online on May Day and throughout the weekend for maximum impact. Prepare and share with your neighbors and loved ones, observing the most sound hygenic practices and physical distancing. 

Targeted Demonstrations

We have witnessed very creative demonstrations the last several weeks, that demonstrate that folks take collective action and engage in proper social distancing at the same time. These include i) picking designated times to give accolades to front-line workers, ii) protests, roadblocks, and sideshows in vehicles and iii) old fashioned demonstrations and blockades of offices and various targets like landlords. These are some of the recommended actions, that highlight concerns, that can be taken on May Day.

Rent and Mortgage Strikes

Encourage folks to collectively not pay rent to their landlords and target major renter companies, mortgage institutions and banks with phone blitz’s, communications jams etc. to demand a moratorium on rents and mortgages, no back payments and no evictions.

Occupation Defense, No Evictions

Many cities have utilized the vacant capacity of hotels to house the homeless and the sick. And homeless individuals and families have taken to occupying vacant homes in places like LA and Oakland in the midst of this crisis. Given the situation millions are now facing, due to unemployment and eviction, we have to protect those who are in these homes and facilities and all those who are being threatened by eviction because they are not able to pay rent.

Target Jams

Taking collective action to flood the telephone lines of the various politicians, CEO’s, shareholders, and corporations we are targeting to meet certain demands, to make our demands known and apply as much pressure as possible.

No Silence

We are not alone. Distance doesn’t mean we can’t fight together. We can’t stay quiet—in the words of fighters of the HIV pandemic, silence=death. We’ve decided to live, loud. In some cities we sing with our neighbors, in others we chant, clap and bang pots and pans–connect online #generalstrike2020 #strikeseflie #redfored #mutualaid #rentstrike #wedecide #stopshopping #schoolsout #noborders #releasetheprisoners #ourhouse #prepareandshare #noshopping #nowork #norent #noprisons #nosilence #noborders #noschool #landback #closethecamps #solidarityindistance

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